The Gothic Council is Taking "Friday" Back

Gothtopia moved this week, and even though we've been reduced to shelling out cash for professional movers rather than proving our manhood by hauling furniture by ourselves until 3 a.m., there was still a fair amount of backing and forthing to do between the old place and the new place.

With an iPod on the fritz, we were forced to bask in the green glow that is Houston commercial radio. We were hanging out on 106.9 FM when Robert Smith's voice came on and told us that other days of the week could go take a hike. It's Friday he's in love with.

"Friday I'm in Love" isn't the best Cure song in the world, especially if you're like Gothtopia and you worship Bloodflowers as the acme of the band's output. Still, as far as breakaway fluffy pop hits by otherwise spooky artists go it's pretty good. We were singing along when our brain downshifted and our mouths suddenly we're singing, "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/ Tomorrow it is... FRIDAY."

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