The Hole Review We'd Like To Write Next Week

"As we all waited, sweat-covered and parched, for the encore, something flashed over us in the crowd. Courtney Love had finally kicked her demons into the gutter, and we were all there witnessing it together.

"The lights dimmed a little more and Aftermath spied that shock of blonde hair in the corner of the stage lighting another cigarette and just as quick as it was lit, Love and the rest of the band sauntered out and the lights at the House Of Blues flared up and the opening riff of "Celebrity Skin" shot at us like the blast of a high-powered shotgun.

"We saw people who may have seen Hole the first time around in the mid-'90s were honest to God crowd-surfing. Yuppies, housewives and kids not even born when Kurt Cobain was alive all met at the top of the crowd, dripping with joy as if the past ten years had not happened to Love or us."

That's the kind of Aftermath that we want to write about Hole's show next Tuesday at House of Blues. We don't think we can stomach a bad show from Courtney Love, and we most surely don't like the idea of having to pound out a displeasing, vitriolic screed against her.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty