Catching some air at FPSF 2015.
Catching some air at FPSF 2015.
Photo by Jack Gorman

The Houston Press Mixtape: FPSF 2016 Edition

Free Press Summer Fest is upon us, and all of Texas's drunk children will soon be pounding the pavement at NRG Park for what could possibly be the wettest year in festival history. (Rain or shine, though.) To help get you ready for everyone's favorite hyper-masculine bacchanal, we've lovingly crafted some of our favorite tracks from this year's performers into a mixtape for you. You'll hear the nostalgic stripped-down guitar of Violent Femmes and the double-time bars of rapper Logic. The Coathangers, the only band at the festival this year composed entirely of women, is here with the gritty, rollicking bass lines of "Dumb Baby." And of course, we're representing Houston with some of the festival's local talent, like the tender chillwave of Children of Pop and the trill beats of Ill Faded.

Did we shaft your favorite FPSF artists? Feel free to ruthlessly abuse us in the comments (we're kind of into that). 

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