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The Houston Press Mixtape: July Edition

The Houston Press Mixtape: July Edition
Katie Sullivan
Let's face it: not many bands care to roll through Houston in the middle of July. With our last major festival wrapped up and temperatures pushing well into the 90s, it's hard to find musicians willing to truck across our great state to play a sweltering show. But lucky for us, a whole host of Texas bands are coming to town, ones who aren't likely to bat an eyelash at our infamous heat. If you like gritty, no-holds-barred guitar, check out the Florence, TX band The Boleys (July 22, Marquee Moon Lounge). More in the mood for banjo-plucking Americana? Go see Austin's Whiskey Shivers (July 20, 8th Wonder Brewery). Of course don't forget to get out and see our local Houston artists, like Charlie and the Regrets (July 7, Dan Electro's Guitar Bar), We Were Wolves (July 7, The Secret Group), Days N Daze (July 22, Walter's Downtown), or Camera Cult (July 26, Satellite Bar).

Some heavy hitters are also blessing Houston stages this month, should you be willing to pay out the nose for tickets. Sign into your Stubhub account and shell out for rap god Kendrick Lamar (July 15, Toyota Center), R&B trailblazers TLC (July 30, NRG Arena), and metal legends Megadeth (July 9, Revention Music Center). But whatever you do, sweat it out and go see a show for one of our mixtape bands. They're worth it!

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Katie Sullivan is a sometimes writer for the Houston Press.