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Houston Press Singles Club: Eimaral Sol, John Allen Stephens, Walker Lukens

The tracks never stop dropping in this playlist.
The tracks never stop dropping in this playlist. Image by David Garrick

This week in the club we'll add new jams from Eimaral Sol, D. Kosmo, Walker Lukens, Daze, and John Allen Stephens.The Singles Club reminds you to visit these artists in their respected web stores, to purchase their wares from their shows, and to buy their material from local record shops whenever you can, to keep them churning out great music.

click to enlarge Eimaral Sol keeps things poppin' on her latest single. - PHOTO COURTESY OF ARTIST
Eimaral Sol keeps things poppin' on her latest single.
Photo courtesy of artist
Houston's Eimaral Sol has gotten on point with her latest drop "Time Travel (feat. TAME, the Aspiring Me)."  The track flexes plenty of pop infused hooks and holds your attention with Sol's signature vocals. That's not to say that the feature from TAME falls flat, as the Houston rapper adds his bars with ease making this one of the catchiest tracks you're gonna hear all year. You can purchase the music of Eimaral Sol on iTunes.

If you're going to make blues music today, it should be dirty, raw, and evoke the sounds of your region. Of course, on the debut album from Houston's D. Kosmo, his southern drawl mixed with a one man band sound is raw and makes the album Honeymoon hit just like you'd want. While it's far from a pop release, the song "Wad of Paper" is hard to shake and just proves that there's plenty of great blues coming out of Texas to this day. You can purchase music from D. Kosmo in all digital storefronts including Amazon.

click to enlarge Walker Lukens makes captivating indie rock. - PHOTO COURTESY OF BIG PICTURE MEDIA
Walker Lukens makes captivating indie rock.
Photo courtesy of Big Picture Media

Walker Lukens
may live in Austin, but the Houston born indie rocker has enough roots here as well. On last year's Tell It to the Judge, he mixes traditional indie rock twists with a cappella vocals in the catchiest way possible. This is most apparent on the hook heavy track, "Jacket On Your Shoulders." You can purchase music from Walker Lukens from his website, all digital outlets, or in most record stores.

You might not know much about the Houston band Daze, but on their album Ritual they mix up shoegaze and fuzzy indie rock. On the track, "Joven," the almost Kevin Shields sounding guitar should draw you in. You can purchase music from Daze on Bandcamp.

click to enlarge John Allen Stephens drops pop jams with ease. - PHOTO COURTESY OF ARTIST
John Allen Stephens drops pop jams with ease.
Photo courtesy of artist

Sometimes you can hear a track from an artist and it mixes so many sounds, that it's hard to place a finger on what it is. With Houston's John Allen Stephens, that's a good way to look at his solo work. Since leaving behind his old band New York City Queens, the producer has dived head first into making these killer pop jams, most evident on his lead single "Asterisk, Pts. 1 and 2." With soulful vocals, R&B melodies, and electro-pop beats, he definitely holds our attention. You can purchase the music of John Allen Stephens in all webstores, or from him when his album drops this August.

That's it for this week with the club. While we appreciate you subscribing to this list, we ask that you support these artists however you can so they can keep dropping jams for us to enjoy. This week's offerings begin with song number ninety-five.

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