The songs never stop here in the Singles Club.EXPAND
The songs never stop here in the Singles Club.
Image by David Garrick

Houston Press Singles Club: Kam Franklin, ABRY, Flygerwoods, etc.

This week in the Singles Club, we'll get treated to plenty of music that should stir emotions and get your feet moving as well. A sultry remake of a new metal song from Kam Franklin, a country twanger from Charlie and the Regrets, a pop banger from ABRY, a feet mover from Josiah Gabriel, and a hip hop jam from FlygerWoods are all included this week. While we appreciate you enjoying these tracks and subscribing to the playlist, we will remind you to visit these artist's shops online or support them whenever they perform in and around town.

Kam Franklin makes us love nu metal on her debut solo effort.
Kam Franklin makes us love nu metal on her debut solo effort.
Photo by Greg Noire

We all know singer Kam Franklin as the energetic lead singer of Houston's The Suffers. But a couple of weeks ago, she kind of quietly released a solo album full of covers. Usually a covers record would be kind of whatever, but the songs she chose to cover come from the world of nu-metal, and all over the release Nu Metals, Franklin takes the songs to a whole new place. While most of the nu metal music that came out wasn't really my bag, her rendition of the Godsmack song "Voodoo" is pretty hard not to love. She changes it up from start to finish and adds her own elements without steering too far from the track's initial intent; like any great cover should. But, would you expect any less from Franklin? You can purchase Nu Metals from multiple download sites, or just go catch Franklin whenever she performs live.

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Country music has been watered down with pop songwriters for such a long time that it's almost astounding when you hear an act that embodies what country music once was. Houston's Charlie and the Regrets are easily a band that reminds you of the older days of country music. On their last release Rivers In The Streets, they proved real fast that they could tonk the tonk as well as honk the honk, and gave people a seriously solid country album. While the bulk of the album will remind you of simpler times, it's the song "The Gavel" that'll make you wanna' get on your boots and find a partner ASAP. The song has a nice pace, it hits on all the country notations, and it's as close to pop as it could be without being the fraudulent country that people get spoon fed today on the regular. You can purchase music from the band via iTunes, or from their website.

ABRY is definitely starting off strong with two stellar singles to her name.EXPAND
ABRY is definitely starting off strong with two stellar singles to her name.
Photo by Micah Cadis

Pop music is a tough genre to make a name in today, no matter how solid a singer you may be. However, Houston's ABRY is definitely starting off her young career in the best way possible. In a short time frame, she's dropped two stellar singles that make you want to get down while hitting all the pop cues you expect from the genre. On her latest drop "Come Over," she adds a bit of sultry innuendo with pop structure and fresh beats. The end result is a track that you should be singing in the club or just getting down to. You can purchase music from ABRY in all of the usual online spots like Google Play and iTunes.

If you ask most electronic producers who has the most juice, who can drop a fire set at the drop of a hat, and who can produce beats in their sleep, they'll more than likely say the name Josiah Gabriel. While the producer can do all of that and more, his last drop EP $ was full of beats and compositions that were on a whole other level. In four tracks, Gabriel proved he could drop the hammer when needed, while giving you plenty of music to get down to. That's mostly present on the track, "Too Good." The song takes twists and turns, has an intriguing beat cluster, and seems to be from another place that's not our planet. You can purchase music from Josiah Gabriel via Bandcamp.

FlygerWoods is a name you won't soon forget with his rhyme skills alone.
FlygerWoods is a name you won't soon forget with his rhyme skills alone.
Photo by Karen Martinez

A couple of years ago, Fat Tony invited me out to one of his shows and he specifically requested that I check out his opener, FlygerWoods. What I saw that night would make me a fan of the Houston rapper forever. His stage presence felt like he'd been at it for years, his mike skill was on another level, and his rhymes were like nothing I'd seen in a minute. When he dropped his self titled debut FlygerWoods, I was truly impressed with it all, most notably the track "Ridin Cruisin." The song mixes old school hip hop with Woods' signature rhymes to craft a track that you can't help but become a fan of. The song is only a couple of seconds under the three minute mark, it's a definite jam, and leaves you wanting more. If there were one up and comer in the Houston rap game you should keep an eye on, it's this guy. You can purchase goods from FlygerWoods via his website or at his shows.

That's it for this week. You can check all of these tracks out below, or just subscribe to the playlist to get the tracks as soon as they're added. This week's selections begin with song number fifty-six.

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