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Houston Press Singles Club: Khruangbin, Ashlynn Ivy, Really Red, etc.

The songs keep coming every two weeks into the club.
The songs keep coming every two weeks into the club. Image by David Garrick

The Houston Press Singles Club is back this week with plenty of jams to tickle your ears. Tunes from Khruangbin, Really Red, Ashlynn Ivy, RYMNA, and Sherita Perez are all making their way onto the playlist. While we appreciate you checking out this re-imagined playlist, and we really love when you subscribe to get new songs every two weeks, we remind you that these artists can always use support. So please pay to catch them perform, buy their wares from their shows, or purchase their music through their artist shops to support good music continuously flowing.

Khruangbin takes chill to a whole new level. - PHOTO COURTESY OF PARADIGM
Khruangbin takes chill to a whole new level.
Photo courtesy of Paradigm
I'd be lying if I said that I immediately got the Khruangbin phenomenon. Having the opportunity to interview them early on and passing on that will be my own issue, but I just had trouble getting into their music. About a month ago I really gave their latest release Con Todo El Mundo a real listen, and by doing so I found some real gems among the chill sounds the band creates. One of my favorite tracks is the lush and lovely tune, "Lady and Man." The song has these moments that remind you of incidental music from a Tarantino film mixed with intricate guitar and a groovy bass line that meets the minimalist drums in the greatest way possible. If you need to zone out and just enjoy the groove, Khruangbin is the best way possible to do so. You can catch the Houston group if you're lucky while they tour the globe, you can purchase their music directly from Dead Oceans, in all digital storefronts, or in pretty much every record store that's worth walking into.

For years the elders of the Houston music scene could've caught Houston's Really Red whenever they wanted to. The band existed from the late 1970s to 1985 and gets credited as one of or possibly the first Houston punk band. Now, with epic status and getting covered by bands trying to dip their toes into the magic that the band created, you can stream their works through the album Teaching You the Fear: The Complete Collection 1978-1985. While the band conjured up plenty of noteworthy tracks, their most popular and strongest was the song, "Too Political?" It's quick, it's catchy, and it's a sound I wish I heard more often from the punk community. You can purchase music from Really Red via Alternative Tentacles, in record shops around town, or through Bandcamp.

click to enlarge Ashlynn Ivy will pull you in with her voice, and keep you with her sensibility. - PHOTO BY LACIE GRANT
Ashlynn Ivy will pull you in with her voice, and keep you with her sensibility.
Photo by Lacie Grant

If you have an voice that's stronger than what you typically hear in music today, you can either make odd music or make beautiful music. Luckily for us, Beaumont's Ashlynn Ivy chose the latter with her debut release Hearts For Breakfast. At just six songs long, the release gives you highs and lows, lovely ballads and pop infused tunes. However, among them all, the album's closer "Cropcircles" is a hard not to love pop jam. Steering from traditional pop music, Ivy adds her endearing vocals to a folky sound making a track that should get stuck in your head for days, if not longer. You can buy Ivy's music in all digital storefronts or directly from her Bandcamp page.

Hip hop in Houston hasn't died, no matter what you've heard. Sure, there are acts like Travis Scott out there who use our city like a quick cash grab, but the real Houston hip hop doesn't have Kanye West's hands on it. Houston's RYMNA has been spitting on a mike with ease since his days in Def Perception. But, since going solo he's dropped some of the catchiest jams you can place in your ears. One of his recent singles, "1990" is about as solid as you're going to hear. Complete with a sample from '90s pop boys EMF, RYMNA alongside DJ Baby Roo prove that not only is the Houston hip hop scene still dropping amazing tracks, it's leading the way on how it should have always been done. You can's purchase any music from RYMNA, but you can stream them at all streaming sites including Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora.

click to enlarge Sherita Perez makes catchy folk infused tunes you need to hear. - PHOTO COURTESY OF SHERITA PEREZ
Sherita Perez makes catchy folk infused tunes you need to hear.
Photo courtesy of Sherita Perez

Houston has had a pretty solid crop of singer songwriters call our city home for the past decade. The genre is typically a mixed bag of artistry, but ever since I first caught Sherita Perez belt out a tune, I knew that she'd be a force to be reckoned with. Since that encounter three years ago, Perez has toured the country and dropped more than a few musical gems. However on her latest release High Vibes, she grows her sound while still holding on to her intriguing voice while creating more memorable music. On the opening track "Another Way," Perez adds extra instrumentation and a slower opening that adds a depth to her already catchy music while showcasing her already groovy sound in a more focused way. You can purchase music from Perez in all digital storefronts, or directly from CD Baby.

That's it for this edition of the Singles Club. Please remember to support this week's artists however you can, as well as all who are on the playlist. The songs this week start with track number eighty-six.

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David Garrick is a former contributor to the Houston Press. His articles focus primarily on Houston music and Houston music events.