There's always new tunes here in the club.EXPAND
There's always new tunes here in the club.
Image by David Garrick

Houston Press Singles Club: Space Kiddettes, Pearl Crush, Ashley Toman

The Houston Press Singles club is back this week, with new jams from Space Kiddettes, Small Chair, Pearl Crush, Adultry Kidding, and Ashley Toman. With this list, as any other, we invite you to subscribe to the attached playlist, but to also consider visiting these artists in their respective digital shops to support them in bringing new tunes to you on the regular.

Space Kiddettes make synth pop that's pretty hard to not groove to.
Space Kiddettes make synth pop that's pretty hard to not groove to.
Photo by Dave Franklin

After finally catching Houston's Space Kiddettes perform, their latest single "Process U" made all the more sense. Catchy, energetic, and synth driven, the song takes what you know about modern electro-pop and adds notes from acts like Yazoo and The Human League. You can purchase the duo's extensive catalog directly from them on Bandcamp.

Small Chair haven't been around for too long, but their mix of shoe gaze and chill wave make for something intriguing and interesting. While their live sets tend to have more energy than their latest release By Your Side, the song "Away" is pretty engaging. You can purchase music directly from Small Chair through their Bandcamp page.

Pearl Crush changed things up with her latest release.
Pearl Crush changed things up with her latest release.
Photo by Daniela Galindo

Houston's Pearl Crush seems to have a vision that most of us don't, as she completely re-invented her sound on her latest drop Coax Me Out. Complete with lush electronica and pop influence, the song "Can't Hide It" takes synth pop and makes it a whole new experience. With notations from tropicalia and early 808 beats, the song should immediately draw you in and make you want to either get your chill on, or just get down. You can purchase limited run vinyl copies of Coax Me Out from record stores all over Houston, or directly from the Poison Moon Bandcamp page.

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You won't know Houston's Adultry Kidding based off of anything other than they rarely perform live. With that said, their new release Psalm 91 has nods to early electronica mixed with dark wave. The track "Don't Fret" is hard to ignore. With a catchy beat, it's a banger. You can purchase music from the band's Bandcamp.

Ashley Toman knows how to drop smooth pop jams.
Ashley Toman knows how to drop smooth pop jams.
Photo courtesy of Facebook

For a while now, Houston's Ashley Toman has been slugging it out with a schedule that places her between Houston and Los Angeles. While she definitely has a voice worth remembering, her last single "Dreamlover" offers up plenty of R&B vibe secluded in a pop jam. The song has snap, you can see yourself getting down to it, and it sticks in your head after one listen. You can't purchase music just yet from Ashley Toman, but you can stream her tracks on all platforms.

That's it for this edition of the Houston Press Singles Club. Don't forget to subscribe to the playlist below to get the songs as soon as they're added. This edition's tracks begin with song number one hundred one.

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