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Houston Press Singles Club: Tee Vee, Lera Lynn, So, so

There's always plenty of tracks here in the club.
There's always plenty of tracks here in the club. Image by David Garrick

This week the club gets richer with new tracks from Tee Vee, Secret Sands, Lera Lynn, From Beyond and So,so. While we appreciate you subscribing to this playlist, we remind you to visit these artists in their respected artist shops or when they perform so that they can keep the great music flowing.

Tee Vee mixes things up on new single. - PHOTO BY TERESA VINCINANZA
Tee Vee mixes things up on new single.
Photo by Teresa Vincinanza

Houston's Tee Vee offers infectious pop sounds, though on her latest release "Dreaming," she mixes things up a bit more than she did in the past. It's still her signature sound, though the electronics have less of a K pop feel and steer closer to American electronica. You can stream the music of Tee Vee on all platforms, or order cassettes from Miss Champagne Records.

Depending on what circles you find yourself in, you might not know the kraut rock infused electronica of Houston's Secret Sands. The duo made up of two Houston music regulars takes dark electronica, kraut rock, and modular synths to craft a sound that's closer to the likes of Neu! and Kraftwerk. This year they dropped their debut album Secret Sands that is filled with intriguing soundscapes and beats, though it's the song "Birds on a Wire" that's the easiest to fall for. The electronics alone make it note worthy, though Damon Allen's vocals create this dark and brooding nature that make it stunning. You can stream the band's music on all platforms, or purchase it in most local record stores or directly from them on Bandcamp.

click to enlarge Lera Lynn is like a songbird singing in the rain. - PHOTO BY ALYSSE GAFKJEN
Lera Lynn is like a songbird singing in the rain.
Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Lera Lynn
lives in Nashville, though she was born right here in Houston. She's made quite the name for herself over the years, though her recently released duets album Plays Well With Others offers up a different side to her country tinged sound. While she drops duets with some hefty names, it's her duet with Andrew Combs on "Breakdown" that's the most lovely. More upbeat and catchy, the track sticks in your head the moment the first notes drop, and Lynn's vocals are sultry and drawn you in from the start. You can stream Lera Lynn's music on all platforms, you can find her records in most U.S. record stores, or purchase music directly from her web store.

Metal is all over the map nowadays, though much of it falls into the drudge and sludge world, with stoner rock tendencies. Austin's From Beyond has members from Houston, and on their debut album The Band From Beyond, they take their brand of metal infused hard rock to all sorts of new spaces. While the bulk of the album is full of tracks you're certain to like, it's the song "Blooming Sun" that stands out. You can purchase music from the band in most record shops throughout the globe, in all digital storefronts, or directly from Candlelight Records.

click to enlarge So, So is bedroom jangle pop with endearing notes. - PHOTO BY JIMMY BENT
So, So is bedroom jangle pop with endearing notes.
Photo by Jimmy Bent

The perception of bedroom pop in many ways, has been that it's a genre reserved for female artists. Though that's not always the case as proven by Houston's So, so. Mixing jazz and indie rock tones, the way this guy structures a song is sweet and masterful, even if he's barely old enough to order a beer at a restaurant. On his debut release Soft Elbows, he takes what you thought you knew about indie pop and adds so much that it's stunning to behold. The best and least complex song of the release is easily the track "Clementines Forgiveness" where he treads closer to indie rock than anything else.  You can stream So,so on all platforms, or order his music directly from Miss Champagne Records.

That's it for the club this week. We remind you to visit these artists in the respected web stores and that this week's tracks start with song number 116.

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David Garrick is a former contributor to the Houston Press. His articles focus primarily on Houston music and Houston music events.