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Houston Press Singles Club: Wild Moccasins, Radio Galaxy, John Evans, etc.

There's always tunes to discover here.
There's always tunes to discover here. Image by David Garrick

The Houston Press Singles Club is back this week, adding to the playlist and giving you plenty of new Houston acts to get into your ears. This week we'll add a pop banger from Wild Moccasins, an R&B infused jam from Radio Galaxy, a stripped down rock tune from Turnaways, a soft tune from Amanda Pascali, and a twangy head bopper from John Evans. While we appreciate you blasting these tracks and subscribing to the playlist, we ask that you visit these artists at their shops or at their shows to help them earn money to keep such songs coming.

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Wild Moccasins return with a true gem from their upcoming album.
Photo by Arturo Olmos

It's been long enough since Houston's Wild Moccasins dropped their stellar album 88-92, and now that they've reformed they're ready to release the follow-up Look Together later this Summer. The lead single from the album, "Boyish Wave," really brings back those modern twists of disco vibes and indie jangle that makes you wait for each release this band places into your ears. It's catchy, there's more depth in instrumentation, and the end result is a song that makes you eager for the album to drop. You can purchase music directly from the band here, or at all record stores throughout the country.

If you're gonna make hip hop infused music in a city like Houston, you need to offer something different to stand out. That's no problem for Houston's Radio Galaxy who have been dropping tunes that stick with you for a good while. On their latest release Nobody Digs Your Music But Yourself, the four piece mixes R&B, soul, and hip hop in the catchiest way possible, while their track "Space Whips" sticks to your soul after one listen. The vocals alone should be enough for anyone, but the beats, the added elements, and the hooks that never seem to end make the track one you're sure to love. You can purchase music from the band through all digital outlets or directly from their Bandcamp.

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Turnaways have reinvented their sound but keep it catchy.
Photo by Nickolas Buchanan
For a good while, Houston's Turnaways offered up plenty of pop punk that made them an act to rely on for bringing the genre back. However, as things change, so do bands and now they're playing a more stripped down rock that's closest to acts like The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand. On their latest E.P. Hard Dreams, the trio reminds you why they're so easy to like while they change things up in the best way possible. The song, "New York Mind" shows the most promise, and keeps their hook heavy writing at the top of your mind. You can purchase the band's music from digital storefronts or from their Bandcamp page.

Singer songwriters typically don't make their way onto playlists, but when you hear the sounds of Amanda Pascali, you'll probably find a new artist to adore. While she's from New York, she calls Houston home now and on her self titled E.P. Amanda Pascali, she proves she's a welcomed addition to our city. While the release has some songs you'll want to sing along to, it's the track "Ribella" that you'll have stuck with you for days. Incorporating her sweet voice with Southern charm, the song will definitely be one you won't forget. You can purchase music from Pascali when she performs, or directly from her at Bandcamp.

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John Evans proves Texas twang can still rock.
Photo by Brandon Holley

You can leave Houston, but will Houston leave you? That's what everyone like Austin transplant and Houston native John Evans will think after growing up in a city like ours. Evans has been adding his blend of twang to rock for a good while, but the tall Texan's last album Polyester was his best release to date. Full of tunes you'll more than likely adore, the track "Pretty" felt like such a hit that it's sad that traditional radio doesn't have him on their radar. The way the drums and guitar jump out at the opening, the way Evans' vocals dance on to the track like a two-step, and the hooks that come at each and every note, make this a song you will more than likely place into your regular rotation. You can find John Evans' music at all digital outlets, at record shops all over, or get music directly from him here.

That's it for this week, thous some fine additions to the club. You can get into the playlist below, this week's tracks begin with number 71.

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David Garrick is a former contributor to the Houston Press. His articles focus primarily on Houston music and Houston music events.