The Iconic Album Covers That Need to Become Internet Memes

I don't know anyone who doesn't know what an Internet meme is. In case you don't, I think the best definition is found in the Urban Dictionary (yep, that's a thing, too, Web novice). It says a meme is "an internet information generator, especially of random or contentless information."

This random and contentless information is often carried across the 'Net on the back of some image or another. Quite frankly, I believe some of those backs must be getting very tired. How many more Socially Awkward Penguin or Y U No Guy posts before they are rendered completely ineffective?

It's time for some new meme images to emerge, so why can't they emerge from our record collections? Here's are some I think could take a bit of the weight off the backs of Grumpy Cat and Bad Joke Eel, God bless 'em:

Ooh La La, Faces Replaces Condescending Wonka, who pokes fun at the insufferably self-assured. This fellow (he even has a Wonka-like top hat) has one condescending response to every argument. A big, fancy-pants "Oooooh La La!" For example, "Oh, you only eat organic vegetables grown by local farmers?" OOH LA LA!

With The Beatles, The Beatles Replaces "B*tch, Please," also known as "Yao Ming Face," which is frequently used when people get too self-congratulatory. In just their second studio album, the band's cover art says it all - "We are a force to be reckoned with."

Oh, you got a promotion and a raise? Negotiated -- and wrecked -- an STD-free threesome? Toppled your incapable government and replaced it with idealistic young people who could install truly democratic government?

Bitch, please. You're still not better than us.

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd Replacing Success Kid, because he needs to stop being a meme so he can go to elementary school now. Example: Just add "I'm On Fire!" to any existing Success Kid meme.

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Never A Dull Moment, Rod Stewart Replacing Philosoraptor, the Aristotelian dinosaur who ponders deep notions. Only "Never A Dull Moment" Rod has the look of absolute resignation that says all that wondering is just a futile waste of time. Face it, his face says, everything you are doing is just something to keep your self-important mind busy and avoiding the one truth you are ever striving to ignore, that one day you will be dead as fuck. Sorry.

Either that, or he's just really drunk.

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Atom Heart Mother, Pink Floyd This fine specimen is not really replacing an existing meme, but should be considered its own, stand alone meme called "Double Take Cow," mostly because it was obviously headed off to do cow-things in the pasture when some nonsensical words stopped it in its tracks. Look at that bovine face. It's incredulous.

Double Take Cow could take on some of the subjects the First World Problems meme now handles exclusively; like "Your football team lost a close one? Footballs are made of me, so shut the hell up."

Led Zeppelin IV, Led Zeppelin Sudden Clarity Clarence is a young chap whose face speaks volumes on the bitch-slap of insight he is experiencing at any given moment. The elderly gentleman with the bundle of sticks on his back seems much wiser. As Clarence's replacement, these insights seem less like WTF moments than sage wisdom.

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Strange Days, The Doors Aside from Good Guy Greg, whose unselfish and kind acts brighten the Web, few memes focus on the positive or uplifting in life. The cover art for Strange Days feels like an informed world view -- life is crazy, filled with risks and uncertainty and joy, too. I'm not sure what the wording for a meme like that looks like, but we could all benefit from finding out.


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