The Iguanas

There was a time when the Iguanas seemed to be virtually in residence at Houston's Fabulous Satellite Lounge. The group's heady mixture of New Orleans funk, blues and Latin sounds was a perfect musical palette for the booty-shakin' denizens of the funky old Washington Avenue club who listened hard and partied harder. The Iguanas would even sneak in a taste of country once in a while. While the band doesn't play H-Town nearly so often these days, it's still got the sound and the chops to get people off the grass and shakin' their asses. Like the Meters and the Neville Brothers, the Iguanas fuse those many styles into a rock and roll funk. The group is a rock band, without a doubt, but its roots lead straight back to Louis Armstrong and other New Orleans pioneers who brought forth upon this continent a new, purely American sound. The Iguanas make sure that it continues to evolve. For its first Discovery Green gig, the band will preview material from its latest album, If You Should Ever Fall on Hard Times, out on Yep Roc at the end of the month.

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