The Jonbenet

Not just an unsolved murder mystery anymore, Jonbenet is now also a popular Houston-based band. Trying to piss off the family or next-door neighbors? Blare some of these double bass beats and high-pitched screams from the bedroom and lock the door. With their wailing lyrics, toe-tapping drum cadences and slick guitar harmonies, it's easy to see the Southern rock, post-hardcore and Black Sabbath influences of this fearsome foursome (Michael Murland on vocals, Daniel Miller on guitar, William Spent on bass and J. Andrew Ireland on drums).

For those of you who don't do so well under pressure, here's a warning: You should refrain, repeat, refrain from standing near the front of the stage at their show. Moving to the back would be wise. Here, you might -- just might -- avoid getting caught up in a fanatic frenzy of long hair, flailing arms and legs, screamed, in-your-face lyrics and several dozen hugs from the happy drunk next to you. The Jonbenet will soon be releasing a new album titled Ugly/Heartless. Some of its tracks, such as "Eating Lightning, Pt. II," serve as a sequel from the previous debut, The Plot Thickens, while other songs, including the outrageous "Dramarama" and "Behold, the White Whore," are just for giddy shock value.

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Jasmine Walkes