The Kids are Alright: Sixth Grader Also Reviews My Morning Jacket's Evil Urges

My Morning Jacket Evil Urges www.mymorningjacket.com

I listened to this CD by a band called My Morning Jacket. To me, the name of the band made me think of “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” because sunshine is in the morning, but they turned out to be not as good. Here’s what I thought about some of the songs:

"Evil Urges": I liked the drums because they helped the instruments.

"Highly Suspicious": I liked this song because the sound goes from little to big. I like the sound of the guitar and drums. The singing sucks because it doesn’t go with the music.

"I'm Amazed": In “I'm amazed,” I’d like to know just what are they amazed about? They keep saying “I’m Amazed” and it’s making my head hurt. The instruments came together on the song, but it sounds like they copied the beats from some other songs. It sounds like country rock.

"Thank You, Too": This song sucks because they do a low singing. I like the high singing that’s on the other songs. Nothing feels right.

"Librarian": They're trying to be nice in this music about a librarian in this song. Also, this music is not funny. Actually, the whole song sucks. And the song sounds like old versions of a song.

"Remnants": The singing was horrible and they sucks.

So this is what I am saying: I don’t like this album. - Kishan Patel

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