The Last Place You Look

Buzz listeners, don't forget your own backyard. Houston's The Last Place You Look is rockin' it just as hard as — if not harder than — any radio-ready Warped Tour success, churning out hard rock with a punk-rock attitude. Leading H-town's post-­hardcore movement alongside groups like Thee Armada and Glass Intrepid, TLPYL gives Clear Channel spinsters plenty of reasons to take local records for a whirl. Case in point: the matured musical muscles of the band's new CD, See the Light Inside You. A cohesive opus full of fist-pumping anthems, where yearning vocals meet heavy guitar riffs, scale-shredding solos and beat-you-into-the-ground drums, Light leaves no doubt TLPYL can go toe-to-toe with aggro chartbusters like Shinedown or Theory of a Deadman. Listen up. — Dusti Rhodes

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