The Last Roundup: Broken-NCYDE, Jenny Lewis, H.A.W.K. & Z-Ro, Something Fierce and More


Joe Mathlete

introduces the world to "crunkcore" artist Broken-NCYDE.

Prima Donna meltdown or not

, Jenny Lewis still has talent. If only she had manners. We Wore Masks screens her

"See Fernando" video.

Southern rap is still alive. Thankfully, Cocaine Blunts knows this, giving us

H.A.W.K. and Z-Ro's "Diggin' the South."

Houstonist remembers

Dave Rask.

Last week, we learned about Horse's Ha from Dryvetyme. What's in store this

Media Monday

? Lords of the Loop's witticisms always add the right amount of blunt humor any weekday needs. On the

Washington Avenue Drinkery

: "Huh? Did the Red Lion and Pearl Bar have a baby?" Houston Music Examiner reports Slash is finally coming out with a solo album, with contributions from Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell and...

wait, does that say Fergie?

WTF!? Better get ready, Houston - this next month is jam-packed with metal shows.

The Adversary knows.

Breakfast on Tour follows

Mos Def in Japan

. Hands Up Houston has the news on Something Fierce's

tour kickoff this Friday


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