The Last Roundup: "H-Town's Delight," Fat Tony's New LP, Something Fierce on Tour and More

Lords of the Loop have definitely out done themselves this time, with

a chart explaining all the various cats in the human and animal kingdoms

. It's everything you could want to know. IndieHouston features HPMA Best Male Vocals nominee Cornbreadd for his participation in DJ Dave Wrangler's 

"H-Town's Delight"

(above). Remember this guy?

Slow Poisoner does an interview with 29-95.

Fat Tony releases an album,

The Creation of Fat Tony

, and

weworemasks is all over it

. OK, first Mark McGrath takes a break from music to play co-host on stalker-razzi



and now this?

Er... thanks, weworemasks. We think. Is Gucci Mane in jail or not?

Cocaine Blunts doesn't know, and neither do we.

Okay, only when your brother dies do people stop speculating that you two were the same person. Now you dare to dabble in singing again. Just say no, LaToya, begs

Houston Music Examiner

- please, just say no. Best thing we've heard around here all day: John Mayer admits to MTV that

Twitter is harming his ability to write lyrics

. Where does one go to get

a high-pitched 'gangsta' button

? Purchasing one seems so pointless and yet so necessary at the same time. Houston has lost yet another band,

momentarily at least

. Something Fierce is now on tour. No relevance whatsoever. But Houstonhiphop

definitely made us smile with this

. Just in case you didn't see it earlier:

Fat Tony

releases an album. You can

download it

, burn CDs of it, whatever. Just make sure you get it.

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