The Last Roundup: New Wilco LP, Tori Amos, G.I. Joe Junkies, D Rose and More

Once again Rocks Off has been scanning Houston's music-oriented blogs so you don't have to. But go ahead and do it anyway. Breakfast On Tour has a link to

stream the new Wilco album

, conveniently called

Wilco (The Album)

and due June 30. Like Rocks Off often does, Dryvetyme Onlyne has been thinking a lot about why people our age are so

hung up on

attracted to classic rock,

specifically in the context of the hair-farming new The Lonely H album.Show List H/Town is searchable.

Mostly we just like that it's there. Indiehouston.org has a nice video, by local animator Donny Hall, of

some G.I. Joe dolls huffing a bunch of blow

. Houstonhiphop.com gives some love to

D Rose's new video "Beautiful World."

Reminds us of Tribe Called Quest a little bit. Lords of the Loop found

one of the ugliest babies we've ever seen

. Houston Music Examiner David Sadof found Tori Amos - who hits Dallas and Austin, but not Houston, this summer behind new album

Abnormally Attracted to Sin

  - in a Kellogg's cereal commercial

many, many years before she recorded "Cornflake Girl."

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