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The Last Roundup: Something Fierce Rounds Out Tour Dates, Opening In the Watermarks, Pitchman Iggy Pop and More

Something Fierce released the rest of the trio's tour dates on Hands Up Houston.

Lords of the Loop pay poetic tribute to Def Leppard via haiku.

29-95 takes a look at the Wild Moccasins' (above) tour diary. Exactly three weeks until the band plays Houston again, and we can't wait.

Weworemasks has been so busy Rocks Off doesn't know what to report first. W.A.L.E.'s mixtape caught our eye first, but you can decide for yourself.

Houston Music Examiner wins for having today's best piece: Iggy Pop, "an actor who loves life." Seriously?

The Watermarks are on the hunt for a new guitarist and keyboardist. Space City Rock has the details.

So glad Cocaineblunts covered Bobby Ray's mixtape. This has been popping up on blogs everywhere, but it was hard to pick which one for the roundup.

Live-music plans already mapped out for the next week? Of course not. Show List H/Town has your back.

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