The Last Roundup: What Other Houston Music Blogs Are Talking About

Let's face it, by this point on Friday Rocks Off - and a lot of others, he'd wager - is pretty much brain-dead, and has been watching

30 Rock

on Hulu for the last hour. But before we sign off for the weekend, here's some stuff we picked up from browsing other musically inclined local Web sites. Y'all feel free to do the same.

Andrew Dansby of 29-95.com - yep, the cyber-elephant at 801 Texas the Chronicle still can't bring itself to acknowledge, even though they have really hot pictures of dolls fucking (this week's position: The Bathroom!) - thought Wednesday night's Spoon show at Warehouse Live (above) was "deliciously lean." Rocks Off agrees, but he still can't figure out why he was oddly reminded of Billy Joel more than once during the evening.

Texas Music up-and-comer Randy Rogers, whose eponymous band plays House of Blues Saturday night, told Houstonist "We consider ourselves country. Not mainstream, not alternative, just country."

indiehouston.org published the tracklisting for the forthcoming KTRU Live vol. 1 CD, including Born Liars, Giant Princess, Tontons, Golden Axe, Elaine Greer and lots more.

Media man Mike McGuff noticed that Metallica's Lars Ulrich told Time magazine he loves the Menil Collection and Rothko Chapel.

Breakfast on Tour is giving away two tickets to the Mates of State/Black Kids indie-stravagaza Wednesday at Warehouse Live.

Houston's Most Hated joined many others in the blogosphere in rhapsodizing about Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Showlist H-Town exists. That's more than enough.

Hands Up Houston had a lively discussion about this video of a naked hippie getting tased by some fat cops because he won't put his wizard costume on.

That seems to be a good stopping place. Have a nice weekend!

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