The Last Roundup: White Lies, Black Sheep Premiere, A Hearty 'Man-Drink,' In the Red, GM vs. Evan Dando, Charles Hamilton and More

IndieHouston invites you to Friday's screening (and musical performance) of White Lies, Black Sheep. My week has barely begun, but I think 29-95.com has already made it great with this quote from its review of Dundee Brewery's Craft Pack:

"At its core, beer is the quintessential man-drink. It's specifically engineered to slake the thirst of salt-of-the-earth, hard-plowing, manly men. It's what the body craves after a day filled with croc-wrasslin' and dingo-eatin'."

Cocaine Blunts adds In the Red to its A-Town Rapp compilation. Making my job that much easier, Houstonist has the next two days of concert listings all mapped out. As if GM wasn't in enough trouble, Houston Music Examiner tells all about the car companies troubles with once and future Lemonhead Evan Dando. Hands Up Houston gives an early warning. It's Media Monday at Dryvetyme Onlyne (or it was). Weworemasks introduces us to Charles Hamilton's Post Lynching Ceremony.

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