The Last VJ's Guide to Making a Good Music Video

It appears -- and every record label, manager, and publicist that I ask agrees -- that I am petty much the only mainstream journalist who dedicates himself to covering music videos as a regular, in-depth beat. I try to focus on at least one a week, though it obviously depends on what kind of product I receive or find since I generally refuse to feature anything that I can't explore the full artistic meaning of.

Over the last three years I've done more than 100 articles on new music videos, and I'm eager to do more.

In the beginning, music videos were insane and seen just as novelty. MTV scrambled for content because there just weren't a whole lot being made. That's why you saw so many Residents videos in steady rotation despite being a very underground act: They were one of the few bands that were really into the medium, so into the playlist they went. In today's terms, it would be the equivalent of the Irrepressibles sharing the same level of exposure as Katy Perry.

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