The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back, music fans. The Last VJ has some treats for you this week, which run the gamut from ecstatically artistic to banal to the point of brilliance. The indescribable nuttiness of Bunny Michael returns with new work, and I indulge my juvenile side with a rap battle between video-game characters.

Plus, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham made a music video. Allah be merciful.

Lyla Foy, "Feather Tongue" You have to be really willing to invest in "Feather Tongue," but if you do you'll probably end the whole thing in tears because it is undeniably beautiful. Director Oscar Hudson follows Foy's ghostly-sad vocals through a series of people all horrified or outraged by the approach of an unseen figure whose eyes serve as out point of view. A terrified priest in a dilapidated church, a pretty woman smoking a cigarette in a towel with a strange mix of longing and dread, a group of raging hooligans and more are all witnesses driven into emotional extremes by the slow approach of our protagonist.

When Merry Colchester finally steps into the light as a mysterious tattooed man, all those extremes dissolve into throes of love and kindness. I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but it feels very much like some poor soul wandered back from the pits of perdition to forgive those who persecuted him. It's a vaguely Christ-like tale, but none the worse for having been used before. In any regard, it's lovely.

Bunny Michael, "Holy Holy" I honestly don't know if Bunny Michael should get a Grammy or full-time psychiatric observation. Probably both. Every single thing she does is sincerely insane, like if Crispin Glover had a rebellious teenage daughter.

"Holy Holy" is much tamer in the realm of WTF than her last effort, "Gasolina," but it's still got just enough melty edge to make you feel like you're watching porn inside a Salvador Dali painting. I don't understand a moment of anything she does, but Bunny is always a good time.

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Postcards From Jeff, "Awake" This may come as something of a great shock from a man who consumes 99 percent of his music through videos instead of actually going out to shows, but I've got something of an agoraphobic streak. Because of that, "Awake" really hit home.

It follows a man up late at night who so desperately wants to leave his apartment but simply can't muster the courage. Obsessively, he arranges every little detail and object in his home until every possible item is in its exact spot, all the while his hands shake and he's assaulted by visions of himself free on a beautiful seaside cliff. For those of us who sometimes can't quite make it out the door, it's a beautiful recreation of that mindset.

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Star Bomb, "Rap Battle: Ryu vs. Ken" Yes, I do my utmost best to bring you music videos that explore the full power of mixing audio and visual together to tell a story. That is truly my goal and I take it very seriously. That said, sometimes I just like to watch Street Fighter characters rap about their dicks. Sorry.

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Farrah Abraham, "Blowin'" If I honestly believed that she consciously accomplished what she appears to accomplish in "Blowin'," then Farrah Abraham would be a genius. I mean a real, not-at-all sarcastic, genius of cultural commentary. Taken in that vein, "Blowin'" shows us the blind God-Mammon of manufactured reality-show fame. Bopping in and out of her own damned Twitter page and Facebook fan pages while intercut with idealized depictions of motherhood with her daughter, her entire existence is dissected as the media-cannibalism that it is.

I like to believe that Abraham is aware of that, and that this video marks a cutting piece of work that rubs this weird Philip K. Dickian level of celebrity we have invented right back in our fat faces. Probably not, though. It's probably just one more layer in an almost-famouser's cocoon.

Jef has a new story, a tale of headless strippers and The Rolling Stones, available now in Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds. You can also connect with him on Facebook.


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