The Lot of a Freelance Writer, from One of Our Own

Freelance writing is probably not for you if you're a fan of rejection. But if you're determined to speak your piece, not to mention a little thick-skinned and willing to hear the word "no" a lot, you might even be able to make a living at it.

This morning for our sister blog Art Attack, the Rocks Off freelancer known as Jef With One F broke down the lot of a freelancer into a list of nine very useful points of advice for those who would follow in his pen-prints. We're very proud. We'd like to think we had a hand in his coming up with that list, but we hope we're not the editor who made him cry.

Here's Jef's introduction:

Recently I passed a personal milestone and finished my 1,000th blog entry for the Houston Press over the course of a four-year career. When you throw in print work I do here and for other publications the total number of articles I've had published ranks closer to 1,200. It's a lot, and I collected a paycheck for every single one of them.

A lot of people ask me how I got into this gig, and I tell them the truth: Bullshitted my way in. And while that is 100 percent how it went down, I've learned a lot at the hands of people who really do know what they're doing, and I thought this article might be helpful to aspiring writers who want to break into the world of monetary compensation for writing. At the very least it will cut down the number of times I get asked this question.

Read his whole list, starting with "write something," "find a place to showcase your writing" and "learn your audience," over on Art Attack. You might learn something yourself.

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