The Lyricist Lounge Tour

Those who wrote off Das EFX at the end of the '90s had better prepare to eat crow: Krazy Drazyz and Skoob (that's "books" backward) got stuck with a lot of labels during the past decade, but "quitters" wasn't one of them. Now the two-man crew is once again in full effect, with a new album on the way and a headlining slot in the Lyricist Lounge Club Series. Das EFX's lyrics, even more than its raw hip-hop beats, solidified the duo's standing as old-school masters. On 1992's Dead Serious, Drazyz and Skoob employed the infamous "-iggity" suffix still popular today. Though later albums took a turn for the surreal, they were still sprinkled with pop-culture references, tongue twisters and general irreverence, appealing to a cult crowd and hip-hop's hardcore. Welcome back, boys.
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Catalina Soltero