The Man Comes Around: Top Ten Big-Deal Musical Deaths of the Decade

This past decade saw the passing of an innumerable amount of musical icons and pioneering giants. Not only did we lose the second coolest Beatle, but we lost two of the best dancers and performers the world will ever see.

Punk rock and metal saw some of their best and brightest lights get snuffed out by disease, drugs, and the bullets of the insane. Some let their demons take over and were felled by their own tortured hands. Others were called home peacefully in hospital beds and in their sleep for the great juke joint gig in the sky.

Rocks Off picked ten of the most influential and notable deaths of the past ten years to reflect on. One has to admit we were all pretty lucky to have these people for as long as we did, because there has to be some wicked jamming going on right now in the hereafter.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty