The Manichean Order Up Late Night Pie And Acoustic "Laughter"

Soooooo.... The Manichean is a sinister group of musicians whose entire approach to music is detrimental to the mental well being of any civilized being.

We like them. A lot.

So far, they've had a stellar year, having snatched up an HPMA nomination for Best Progressive Rock. If the droning, horn-laden, spooky shit they infect you with counts as progressive. It's as good a label as any.

But vocalist Cory Sinclair emailed us earlier this week to inform us the Manichean is heading in a new direction. Every journey starts with a single step, and this journey begins with pizza. The Manichean will debut songs from their upcoming album Lovers Saturday night at Late Night Pie in an acoustic set.

"It's such an unexpected venue and it's in the Montrose and we get free pizza and beer, so why not?" said Sinclair.

Included in Sinclair's email was a track from the album called "Laughter (Sigh)." In the past, we've described The Manichean as a Sith counterpart to the ethereal Tyagaraja - just as philosophically-minded, but infinitely darker.

"Laughter" is something entirely new for the band, much brighter, with Sinclair's voice almost angelic over the simple strum of a guitar.

"[It's] a song that we've held on to for a long time, and a good reflection of what's to come with Lovers," says Sinclair. "So the light of which you speak has always been there, we just choose to adjust its luminosity as we see fit.

"Some examples of narrative themes for the next album are limerence and breathlessness, so a lot of it will be rather ethereal, soaring or just lingering in the air. There are, however, always consequences to prolonged states of passion or infatuation, the results of which can drop you for flying too close to the sun, or burn you for staring directly at it."

The Manichean plans to Lovers and release it... well, who knows, but Rocks Off can't wait to can't sleep after listening to it. In the meantime, they'll take the stage at Late Night Pie exactly one minute before midnight. Tomorrow night.

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