The More You Know: 5 Music Web Sites To Add To Your Bookmarks

The true power of the Internet is information. Don't get me wrong; free music, photos of kitties, Ryan Gosling memes, and pornography are all wonderful, but it's information that's the real star even if we take it for granted. It's changed the way people do reports in school, made us think we're smarter than we really are, and rendered the Encyclopedia Britannica irrelevant.

Even with all that information available, it's easy to get in a Web routine rut. One day you're at your computer and you realize that you get all your CD reviews from Pitchfork, all your news from Rolling Stone, and all your local music news, show reviews and lists from Rocks Off. And there's nothing wrong with that; we're glad you're here.

But sometimes you need information that goes beyond the usual sites and house of mirrors that is Wikipedia. What do you do then?

Rocks Off can't give you the definitive list of every Web site you should have readily available, but we can make a few suggestions. Clear out some space in your bookmarks tab and check out a few of the sites we visit when we need more than a Google search.

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