The Most Awesome Shark Week Song You'll Ever Hear

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The Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week is a sacred institution, in which we all sit on the couch and agree on just how fast one's position on the food chain can change. Besides, the best excuse for anything is, "Because it's Shark Week!" - Rocks Off uses it to explain away anything from why we put an empty carton of soy milk back in the fridge all the way up to breaking and entering.

There's no shortage of rap songs about sharks. Hell, they had a specially written rap song over the credits of Deep Blue Sea, proving once and for all that rappers have about as much musical integrity as their rock brethren. Either that or someone was high enough for that to sound like a good idea, also comparable to rock stars.

But today we bring you, "I'm a Shark (Suck My Dick)" by mCRT feat. Katcha from the 2009 album The Penis Monologues. Frankly, it's hard to argue with the song's message.

They say man is born with two innate fears: Fire and loud noises. But Rocks Off likes to believe that we are all born sensible enough to fear giant fish with steak knives for teeth. Happy Shark Week, everybody! We'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight and bathing with a rag on a stick just in case.

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