The Most Overused Expressions in Music Critics' Twitter Feeds: An Epic List

It is impossible to overlook this peculiar trend any longer: A few choice words and phrases seem to be dominating many of 2011's music critiques, particularly on Twitter. Seemingly forcibly wedged into friends' and journalists' 140-characters-or-less makeshift tweet reviews, the following words and phrases are, in our opinion, played out. Consider this a hopeful word obituary of sorts; an inspiration to expand our journalistic vocabulary; a cathartic opportunity to bitch.

6. "Slayed": First of all, what's with the violence? I say, unless you are in fact writing about or describing a Slayer concert -- or Black Sabbath, or maybe Gwar -- most other acts just don't deserve to be referred to as a band that "slays." Moreover, it's nondescript, and leaves many with unnecessary gory mental images.

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Neph Basedow
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