Screwston, Texas

The Most Ridiculous Houston Rap Rumors Ever

Earlier this week, Houston rapper Propain signed a deal with No Limit Records. Cool, except that he really didn't.

See, and you likely didn't notice this because it's such a subversive part of the culture, but the environs of rap, themselves tedious and occasionally barbaric, are prime grounds for rumor mongering (rumongering, perhaps?). They pop up ad nauseum.

You say you don't like Rapper X? No sweat. Chop his knees a bit and tell people that he doesn't support the troops or that he used to be a police informant or that he's gay or whatevs. Doesn't matter. Pick what you want. If you say it, it'll get out there. Speak it into existence, just like Jesus said.

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Shea Serrano