Country Music

The Mount Rushmore of (Good) Bro-Country

One term will brand 2014 for the sub-par music year it was: bro country. First used in print in August 2013 by New Yorker music writer Jody Rosen to describe mainstream-country boy-band Florida Georgia Line's hit single "Cruise," the term has taken on a decidedly derogatory coloring as tools like Luke Bryan and soon-to-be-irrelevant Blake Shelton stamped out unimaginative boilerplate party songs about girls in cut-offs or tight jeans, partying at the creek, driving back roads, and popping a cool one on the tailgate of the Chevy truck.

You know the formula. You're sick of it.

It's too bad the term wasn't coined earlier, like back when country music had real testicles. These earnest pretty boys and Jason Aldean tough guys today look as if the closest they've ever been to a cow is the meat aisle at the grocery store or the drive-thru at Whataburger, but it was not always so.

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William Michael Smith