The Murderabilia Controversy: Does Tupac Count?

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to introducingliston@gmail.com.

This Week's Rapper(s):JuzCoz

This Week's Subject(s): Murderabilia. (Yep, that's an actual thing.)

Thanks to some news bits floating around about some initiatives in Congress, we've recently been made aware of something called murderabilia. We decided to ask the guys least likely to be involved in it about it - local do Juzcoz raps about video games and whatnot. They were perfect.

Ask A Rapper: Do you know what murderabilia is? Basically, it's collector's items, like sports memorabilia. Except instead of a game won jersey from a basketball game, people look to buy hair or weapons or blood-smeared clothes [Ed. Note: Or taxicabs] from murders. For example, remember that Black guy that killed in Jasper by those supremacists? Well you can currently buy dirt from his grave site online. Crazy, huh?

Wil: Yeah, James Byrd Jr., I remember that hate. I think that's kinda messed up that someone's trying to make money off that. Unless its the family of the victim, which I doubt it.

Rod: That's just sick. Why?

AAR: There's a big market out there for it, although that probably shouldn't be very surprising considering there's also a big market of people who like to watch chicks poop on guys.

JuzCoz [laughs]: Nothing surprises me these days. This is America, where anything that can make money will make money [laughs]. Listen to the radio.

AAR: Given the glorification of murder and whatnot in a lot of forms of rap, what do you think the general opinion of this among rappers? Is it the realest thing ever, or is it despicable?

J: Despicable, yes. And to me, [it's] disappointing because this could reopen old wounds. Books, songs and movies are one thing, but auctioning off actual items worn or used in a murder is a bit much. I have to draw the line.

AAR: How long until Ganksta NIP opens his own store specializing in this type of thing?

J [laughs]: I hope that doesn't happen, but only he can answer that. I wonder what would be in his store? [laughs]

AAR: Hypothetically speaking, let's say you were forced to buy an artifact from a murder. There's no way around it. You either do it or the whole world explodes. What would you pick? It'd have to be something from Biggie's or Tupac's murder scene, right? Or would you go homer and get something from Hawk's or Pat's?

Wil [laughs]: Okay, it would have to be Tupac's. Damn, I feel bad cause I'm actually excited about having something of Tupac's [laughs]. The 1996 Black BMW 750iL he was rolling in is what I would take. Lord forgive me [laughs]. I'd be rollin' in it right now, pullin' up on girls like, "Yeah, this Tupac's whip, and yes these the real bullet holes."

AAR: [laughs]

W: But with my luck, I'd prolly bump into 'Pac and he'd tell me the car's a counterfeit. R: This was THE weirdest interview. But you know, if they want murderabilia all they have to do is get our upcoming album. All the tracks were killed*.

*Applause for that one.

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