Screwston, Texas

The New Houston Collective* Picks Its Top Five Rappers

*Ed. Note: "New Houston Collective" is (as far as we know) a term coined by our own Shea Serrano to refer to the current wave of Houston rappers who have little interest in syrup, candy paint, wood grain, etc.

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Iceberg Slim, Fat Tony, Dante Higgins, Show, hasHBrown, Young Sensation, H-Kane, Kyle Hubbard, FLOSS, etc.

Not Invited: The old guard. Actually, they were invited, but nobody bothered to respond.

This Week's Prompt: Cut and simple this week: Here's what everyone wants to know: Who are the five best rappers from the New Houston Collective?

Iceberg Slim*: I'mma go with Propain, Eskabel, Delo, Le$ and Yves (The Niceguys), with Jon Dope up next in 2011. I'm callin' it now.

* Slim is, in fact, not a rapper, but he knows his shit, so he gets included in this discussion when he feels compelled to participate.

Fat Tony: Fat Tony, B L A C K I E, A.D.D., Yves (The Niceguys). I also like iLL LiaD and Danny Wattz. They all got appeal and personality and versatile flows.

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Shea Serrano