The Nutcracker, Now With Karen O And Conor Oberst

Have you ever seen The Nutcracker? It's pretty weird. We can't think of another story in which the main plot gets resolved in the first half and the second half is just one big-ass party. Seriously, the conflict is resolved so thoroughly by the end of the first act that the second act is just people dancing around celebrating how awesome that was.

The Nutcracker revolves around a pleasant bit of Christmas sorcery, wherein a young girl named Clara's godfather gives her a nutcracker on Christmas Eve. The creepy godfather then works his (Christian?) summoning rite, shrinking the girl down to the size of the nutcracker and bringing pretty much every anthropomorphic thing in the house to life.

The mice become intelligent and fight a pitched war against the gingerbread men, who are soldiers and also cookies. The nutcracker comes to life and leads the gingerbread men into battle, where he triumphs over the evil Mouse King with help from Clara, and then takes her back to his magical realm. Here, he is actually a missing prince, and a massive celebration ensues featuring lots of dancing confectionaries and their queen, the Sugar Plum Fairy. And just think, all of this was dreamt up more than 40 years before the invention of LSD.

So of course the question remains: If we had to recast The Nutcracker with nothing but musicians, who would we cast?

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John Seaborn Gray