The Octanes Find Some Eerie Parallels With Grease 2

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When we were growing up, our grandfather used to tell us this nighttime story about a stately super stallion with all of these mystical, magical powers. The stately super stallion - Hector is what he called him - was miraculously birthed after a cobragator (King Cobra head, alligator body) mated with a thundercloud.

Hector reportedly did all kinds of excellent things: He'd fight evildoers, he'd save the environment, he'd practice Kung-Fu in his front yard with his shirt off. He was, for lack of a better term, the shit.

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And if Hector possessed the wherewithal to figure out how to upload music to an iPod, he'd almost certainly have a few tracks on there from rockabilly experts - and HPMA Best Roots-Rock/Americana nominees - The Octanes. The Octanes have officially been rumbling around since 2006, but seem to have really picked up steam these last two or so years.

So we reached out to front man/guitarist Adam Burchfield to cut it up about a few things, namely the underratedness of Grease 2, Christian pop singers and whether or not they are going to flip their shit if they don't win an award this year. Hit the jump for his responses.

Rocks Off: When we listen to "Brandin' Iron Blues" it makes us want to move to a new high school, fall head over heels for a girl spoken for by the leader of a group of misfits in leather jackets then buy a motorcycle and fix it to impress her and win her over. In an ironic twist, we'll have to write term papers for cash for said leather-jacketed misfits to pay for the motorcycle. We trust that was the intention you guys had when you wrote it?

Adam Burchfield: That's funny. I've written term papers for cash. Also for some of my old girlfriends. I've been the misfit writing term papers for the hot chick to impress her. That's also somewhat ironic, that song has so many interpretations. Mainly it's just about a scandalous chick.

RO: By the way, don't you think Grease 2 was totally underrated? I mean, Johnny Nogerelli was no Danny Zuko, but he was still pretty likeable in his own goofy sort of way.

AB: I remember watching that movie about 20 times one summer when I was a kid. Adrian Zmed and Michelle Pfeiffer. Had nothing on the original, but was sort of sick and cool in its own way.

RO: Did you know that when you search "The Octanes Houston" in Google Images, this guy pops up? Can you please tell us a) Who he is; and b) Why he's wearing a scarf and a short-sleeve shirt? Perhaps he lives in a place where a cold breeze consistently blows, but only at neck height?

A: Did you set this up? I actually know who that guy is. He is a Christian pop singer named Toby Mac. I think he used to be in D.C. Talk. They had a song called" Jesus Freak." It was on the charts, I think. Why his image comes up when you search us I'll never know. He seems like a nice enough fella. Maybe too squeaky clean to represent us, though. I'll talk to his people about that.

RO: Is it absolutely essential that one have a thick head of hair and equally dense sideburns if they aspire to be a member of The Octanes?

A: In two words: Absolutely yes.

The Octanes, "Life Sol"

RO: Let's say, God forbid, that you all don't walk away from the HPMAs with the award for Best Roots-Rock/Americana. Is there any chance that you'll go on a bonkers tirade, cursing and throwing shit to and fro? That would be excellent.

A: No, you know what, just being nominated is really cool. It's like being told,"Hey, somebody knows you're out there doing it. Good Job!" That kinda thing. We've been nominated before and didn't win. Competition is stiff. When I was younger I used to jump up and down about stuff, getting angry. But these days I jump up and down cause I'm excited about what I'm doing.

The Octanes are on Facebook here. Vote for them in this year's HPMAs. See them this Thursday at Shakespeare's Pub from 8 p.m.-12 a.m.

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