The Olsen Twins: Now Chopped And Screwed!

Now that screwing and chopping can be done without even using turntables, the technique has become all the rage on the Internet.

And it's made a great leap forward into video. Now not only are the jams slowed and throwed, but so are the pictures.

Nowhere has this been pulled off more hilariously, nightmarishly and some would say Donnie Darko-ishly than on this remake of an old Olsen Twins video called "Gimme Pizza."

First, here's the original from You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party, which was just edged out by Pulp Fiction for the Palme d'Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. You don't have to watch the whole thing. Just up to the first annoyingly chirpy little chorus will do...

Now here's the crunk-ass screwed and chopped version. (Note: there's a longer, even eerier version here.)

Things We Love: When the little goober kid hollers "Tosh the fish!"...That one Olsen twin's manic white-girl dancing..."And bring me some chick-en!"...The jarring juxtaposition of jump-cuts and slow-motion; the damn thing still is herky-jerky even at half-speed...And man, you cannot help but notice that the beat is much more dope slowed.

A guy in Tampa who would only identify himself as Wolfgoreshow is the auteur behind the slowed version.

"Well I've always found everything about the Olsen twins a bit surreal by itself," he wrote Rocks Off in an email interview. "I'm a huge fan of found footage, and manipulating video clips in general, just taking them the opposite way."

Wolfgoreshow says he is much less a fan of screwed rap specifically than of cough-syrup culture in general. To him, the screwed and chopped lifestyle is "one of the funniest things about what an outsider looking into our country would get to hear about." Cough syrup itself, meanwhile, "is a significant source of comedy for me."

"It's only natural screwed rap would make me laugh too," he adds.

See if the Olsen Twins screwed and chopped don't do the same for you.

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