The Queers

Sad-puppy punk rock is more than an interest for a whole subsection of America's young and young at heart, it's a way of life. Which is why hilario-funtimes punk rock, like that of The Queers, is always a very welcome counterpoint response. Friends, booze, sex: The pleasures of the simple life are well-traveled territory in the catalog of the Joe King-led, New Hampshire-based band.

Aggressive, open-wound howls of punk proper are left behind for "do dee doooooos" and surfy-pop beer bounces. The Queers have a new record coming out in February, but it's their last release's title, Weekend at Bernie's, that exemplifies their particular sort-of punk rock that doesn't take itself seriously.

Mostly released by Lookout! Records and Asian Man, The Queers have been around and recording music since 1982 in some shape or fashion. During those 24 years, they've arguably gone through more band members than most other punk bands (and most punk bands go through a lot of band members!); it's hard to maintain your punk enthusiasm when touring means you wake up every day in another puddle of something -- again. While Joe King (a.k.a. Joe Queer) is the only constant member, like any good punk community, The Queers' extended family of past members turn up to play live on occasion.

Onstage, The Queers demonstrate why songs about doin' it and making jokes are so much better than the alternative. And, considering one of The Queers' best songs is the kicky "Houston, We Have a Problem," this show is extra-primed for a sloppy, beer-slippery good time.

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Kate Carraway