The Quick Stripes

Most bands think they have to regale you with two-hour long sets of “something off the new record” or “the song that bought me that new walk-in humidor.” They think you are getting your moneys worth, when in fact they are really just helping the beer vendors buy shoes for their kids. The White Stripes, on treacherous tour through all the provinces in Canada, capped off the trek with a one-note gig in St. John's, Newfoundland. When I say “one-note” I don’t mean that it sucked or that they played one continuous note drone ala Sunn O))). They literally plugged in and cranked out a quick single thrash and then Meg and Jack thanked the crowd. They did come back and perform a full-set, to quash any “Altamont”-style beatings and chain-whippings, though. It’s a shame.

Come to think of it, I wish more bands would play one-note shows. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if some bands just set-up their gear and never touched a single instrument. Or maybe never even left their houses and studios. Man, Maroon 5 would be so much better that way, don’t you agree? – Craig Hlavaty

After the jump, the note…

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