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The Rest Of The Best: Houston's Top 8 Blues Clubs

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6. 6. Dan Electro's Guitar Bar: Guitar whiz Teri Greene fronts the longest-running blues jam in Houston every Thursday night. Greene's jam is frequented by battle-hardened warriors like Ardis Turner, Moe Hansum, and Guy Schwartz as well as part-timers who just want to get out of the bedroom and play a couple of tunes in front of an audience. Sax badass Eric Demmer and members of his Sax Dawgs are frequently hanging around, willing to jump onstage and back up other players. We even spotted the legendary Lanier Grieg pounding the keys in Dan's one night.

Owner Bob Edwards is also a big fan of the blues and books touring acts like Pete Anderson, Tommy Castro or John Nemeth when the opportunity arises. He'll also take a chance on names most haven't heard of. It doesn't hurt that Dan's has some of the best sound in town, and the venue is as comfortable as your living room. The club has beer and wine, but if you're a liquor drinker, it's BYOB.

1031 E. 24th, 713-862-8707, Web site

5. Mr. Gino's Lounge: It's sad to report that Mr. Gino's music events have shrunk to once a week. But Sundays, this storied venue is still the place to be for a taste of what Houston was once like as longtime Houston bluesman I. J. Gosey leads a blues jam reminiscent of the Houston Blue Monday tradition. Both Gosey and Mr. Gino's are rare pieces of Houston history. See them now.

7306 Cullen Blvd., 713-738-0555, Facebook page

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