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The Return of Radar Eyes: Dull Knife Records Owner Brent Tipton

Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose.

Brent Tipton: My name is Brent, and I am curator of Dull Knife.

RE: You've been releasing music by underground recording artists from Houston and beyond for about three years now it seems! What are you guys all about and why do you do it?

BT: Dull Knife recently turned two years old. We're about releasing music we feel strongly about and showcasing it to a worldwide audience, though it didn't necessarily begin that way.

RE: What was your original intention?

BT: The original intention was to release a Hearts of Animals record that people outside of Houston would get to hear. I thought she had a side to her music at times that was very unique and would definitely interest people. Once that record came out, I realized how much I enjoyed the process, and decided to do some more records for local bands. But I didn't want the label to get stuck with the stigma of "local label," so I made an effort to find other unknown bands in other cities to work with.

RE: Haven't you also been working with some more established bands lately?

BT: Yes, I started doing a series of 7"s with my favorite modern songwriters as an excuse to work with some more established acts, and as the label grew I was also approached by some more well-known bands for releases.

RE: Like who?

BT: Dan Melchior, Andre Ethier (Deadly Snakes), and Lamps to name a few... oh, and Richard Youngs.

RE: So England, Canada, San Francisco, Scotland... Do you have any releases upcoming from any of the Houston Dull Knife contingent?

BT: Yes. I haven't done a Houston release in over a year I think, so I'm excited to get to work with some local bands again. First up is the Balaclavas Roman Holiday LP, and there will be a Wiggins LP later in the year, along with LP reissues of Rusted Shut and Ash Castles On the Ghost Coast recordings.

RE: What about PLURALIS?

BT: Pluralis is a new boutique imprint, independent of dull knife, that will release micro-pressing "electronic" 12"s. The only releases I can mention right now are Future Blondes, Death Domain and NTX+ELECTRIC.

RE: How would one go about obtaining any of the Dull Knife or PLURALIS releases?

BT: You can get the releases in any independent record store you like to support. If they don't carry them already, ask them to get them through Revolver. Or you can always order direct at http:///www.dullkniferecords.com.

RE: Excellent! So there is a record release show on the horizon for the BALACLAVAS Roman Holiday LP... what's the story with that?

BT: Yes, the show should be great. Saturday, February 13 at the Mink Backroom, 3718 Main St. $6, 18+. Dead Roses and Indian Jewelry will also be playing. I believe everyone will be playing virtually brand new sets, so there's another reason to come. Balaclavas will have the LP for sale, hot off the press.

RE: And DJ Chemical Mange is going to dumb it all down...

BT: What's new?

RE: I don't even know who that fucker is! Are you going to have a SXSW presence this year?

BT: Not this year. We did a showcase and a couple of parties last year, and while it was a blast, it was also exhausting. This year I want to be a spectator and see everything I want to see. Maybe next year we'll do it up big again.

RE: Are you excited about any particular showcases or unaffiliated events that are happening this year?

BT: To be honest, I have no idea who is playing yet. I'm assuming Kurt Vile and The Violators will be playing again, and I'd love to see KV again. They were the best thing at SXSW last year.

RE: /I think my favorite were the HOMOSEXUALS last year... or no ... now I remember - HUMAN EYE!!! How can I forget... EASILY. Well, cheers man... thanx for the informations.

BT: Thanx.

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