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The Rocks Off 100: Kahna, Brutal Nation's Metal Booking Queen

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Who? Our lady Kahna is the woman behind Brutal Nation Promotions, a booking and management outfit operated out of Houston since 2008. She mainly specializes in dark metal and industrial acts like Mike Terror, The Razorblade Dolls, Opulent, and ERASETHEVIRUS.

Kahna grew up with a DJ mom and a record-collector dad, and though she's never learned an instrument herself, she found a lifelong attraction to music. That passion led to spreading news of bands she liked through word of mouth, then with written reviews for other booking outfits, and then finally striking out on her own in the business.

Kahna scouts talent and sets up appropriate matches for shows. Her current work is booking festivals, annual shows, benefits/fundraisers and helping other venues, booking agents and bands as they need it. Her operation is old school, and she makes sure that promotion involves getting feet and flyers on the ground in addition to her online presence.

And if you want to be involved, you'd better be heavy.

"Relentless and victorious, you can take metal and mold it into whatever you want," says Kahna via email. "A pentagram, a baphomet, a skull or a crown of thorns. It really doesn't matter how you put it, metal will never die. And that is what I love about it."

Home Base: "I really don't have a favorite venue, because of each one being so unique," she says. "For instance, a lot of people will scoff, but I love Super Happy Fun Land and White Swan; two of the most underground venues in Houston."

I love them for that reason. They are nonjudgmental and relaxed. Probably not the best atmosphere for a really successful show, but if you're asking my personal favorites, that would be my answer. As for my favorite venue to book a significant Brutal Nation event, my answer would be Scout Bar and Warehouse Live.

Although I am not currently booking at Scout Bar, they have incredible sound, [a] chilled environment and professional staff. They treat the bands and promoters like gold and they promote and pack the house. The lighting is great and the bar is stocked. Good times have been had there.

Warehouse Live is probably my favorite venue in all of Houston. Perfect location, great staff, great atmosphere, amazing sound and lights and they get some really good shows that go through there. It's pretty difficult picking one single venue that I love the most.

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