The Rocks Off 100: OG Ron C, Chopstar King of the Purple Dome

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Welcome to the Rocks Off 100, our portrait gallery of the most compelling profiles and personalities in the far-flung Houston music community -- a lot more than just musicians, but of course they're in there, too. See the entire Rocks Off 100 at this link.

As co-founder of Swishahouse, OG Ron C has been instrumental in the moulding of the music and culture that represents the City of Houston. As a producer and DJ, the OG continues to place Houston at the forefront of rap with his Chopped Not Slopped series of screwed down mixtapes and albums.

He frequently serves as host to rappers traveling through Houston on national tours, many times opening those shows with his extensive arsenal of beats and remixes.

Who? "I'm OG Ron C, also known as OVOG Ron C, as named by my dude Drake. H-Town born and raised," opens Mr. C. "I am an original Swishahouse DJ and co-founder, known mainly for my F-Action mixtape collection. Currently, I run the Chopstars and we keeping everything purple."

Home Base: "We call my home studio 'The Purple Dome' because that's where all my tapes are made," Ron says. "Anything purple made by the Chopstars is produced at the Dome. That's also where I keep up with my Web site, www.chopnotslop.com.

"When you listen to my tapes, you hear me saying it all the time because we run the only 24-hour radio station that plays slowed-down music," he adds. "We created that for the fans and artists who enjoy what we do. If you log on right now, I bet you hear something you like."

Why do you stay in Houston? "Houston is where the Screw legacy was born," Ron explains. "If I'm not in Houston representing our culture and my craft, then I'm not doing my job. DJ Screw is the creator of all slowed-down music. God has blessed me to be a DJ that was able to reach millions of people by using the sound he created for us.

"And when I say 'us,' brother, I'm talking about Houston," he continues. "Lil Keke once said 'the world gon' drip candy and be all screwed up.' In 2013, look at what's happening in the music you hear. Everybody's screaming 'Robert Earl Davis Jr!'... and that's why I chose to stay in Houston."

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "I would like to see more unity amongst artists in terms of working with each other," Ron says. "It's 2013 and people are loving Houston because we produce some of the best music in the nation right now. So when folks leave town after having fun, we are still here with each other.

Unity is the key and progression should always be the goal," he continues. "As long as we keep working with each other we'll be unstoppable."

5 Records You Can't Live Without:

  • Jay-Z feat. UGK, "Big Pimpin'"
  • Screwed Up Click, "June 27th Freestyle"
  • Swisha House, "Drank In My Cup"
  • Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, "In Love Wit' My (Money)"
  • Swisha House, "Big Ballin, Shot Callin"

If You Could Work With Any Artist, Alive or Dead, Who Would That Be and Why? "By far, it would be R. Kelly," he says. "I've been doing F-Actions for so long and the best response I've received from my fans was the F-Action 22: TP2 Edition. If you notice, I was doing F-Action mixtapes with different artists. But this was a concept where I took the entire album and made it part of my series.

"That album was such a phenomenal album, and you can go through the track listing and say, 'Yeah, this song was a classic... mayne, this song went hard... I used to love playing this when I was with my girl... etc,'" Ron continues. "So I decided to do that entire album for the F-Action fans.

"I think R. Kelly did 6 million on that record, and I birthed a concept that still stands today: chopping albums that are already made," Ron says. "That's something I made my Chopstars embrace, because if an artist sees you took out time to do every song of an album, you are really giving them an entire new project."

Best Show Ever: "I did a show with Slim Thug in Czechoslovakia," Ron says. "That was crazy because I was DJing songs from Houston and these people were rocking all night to my set and most of them didn't speak English.

Me... a small DJ from Houston in this foreign European country, and they love me! How would you feel? And it's funny because that's where I got that tagline "Feel me B?" from. I had that on a shirt and an airport employee who was handling our bags read my shirt in English with the worst look of confusion.

He said it correct but it was so funny! A little while later I ended up leaving a bag, and he comes running screaming "Feel me B... Feel me B!" with my bag in his hand like that was my name. It was too funny man. I'll never forget that.

Next Show/Project You're Promoting: "Shows can come at the drop of a hat so there's always something I can get into with the love of the artists," he adds. "As far a projects, I plan to have a tape drop everyday in the month of April because I now have enough DJs to do so without the bulk of the work coming from me. That way you can hear more music from the Chopstars as a whole as opposed to just Ron C.

"I'm also doing a joint album with my man Big Kap," he adds. "We did some stuff together during SXSW and decided to make more out of it. So I'll have to keep y'all updated as that comes along."

See who else has joined The Rocks Off 100 this year on the next page.


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