The Rocks Off 200

The Rocks Off 200: Tommy Grindle, Guitarist of Square and Compass

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Good War Story: Grindle's worst show of all time happened in San Antonio. In his own words:

The whole day was a nightmare. Everyone was late to the rehearsal space to load out. U-Haul wouldn't give us a trailer. The van we were taking had no AC, and there were five us crammed into an Astro van with all [our] gear. I really couldn't believe that we fit.

So, anyway, shit just kept slowing us down and we didn't even get out of Houston until around 4 o'clock. We were finally out of traffic, cruising down I-10, and the back tire blew out. At this point, I said fuck it.

Everyone else calmed me down, and we got towed to a tire shop. For some reason, they took two or three customers ahead of us, and I'm pissed and tell them to put a tire on our van before they even look at anyone else. Luckily, there was a convenience store with ice cold beers next door.

We finally made it to SA to like ten people in the crowd. I was ready to rock them, but they left during sound check to go smoke outside. We played a 30-minute set for the bartender and drove home. Worst show ever.

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "That you need to be in a cover band to get paid decent money," Grindle grumbles, but then laughs. "Honestly, I like a lot of whats going on in Houston. We've played with all kinds of bands, and everyone is cool."

After a second, he did come up with a few more complaints: "I would like it if more people were into post-hardcore," he says. "Also, I kinda hate promoters that want you to sell pre-sell tickets."

Five Desert Island Discs:

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626)
  • Senses Fail, Life Is Not a Waiting Room
  • Propagandhi, Supporting Caste
  • The Black Dahlia Murder, Nocturnal
  • Pedro the Lion, Achilles Heel

First Song You Fell In Love With: The Beach Boys' I Get Around" or Iron Maiden's ""Flash of the Blade": "I was so young when I heard them both, I cant remember," he says. "I used to listen to both repeatedly, and piss my mom off."

Square and Compass play what they say is (maybe) their last show ever October 23 at Warehouse Live.


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