The Search For 2010's Top Summer Jam Stops Right Here

Since at least the late '60s, summer songs have been a pop radio staple. No one did them better than Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, who issued waves of singles about catchin' a wave, surfer girls, and little deuce coups that made those summer drives to the beach sizzle with cool sounds.

Chicago, with a summer that lasts all of 12 minutes, seems like the unlikeliest of places to spawn a summertime groove, but don't tell that to Windy City blues-rock heavyweights the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra. Chicago radio station WXRT has been spinning the band's

"Super Human Love"

like crazy for a month

According to NTO frontman and "musical mayor of Chicago" Nick Tremulis, his homies have embraced the bouncy, wiggle-in-your-walk tune like nothing he's released in almost 30 years on the Chicago scene.

The band has also posted an explanatory video, in which Tremulis waxes hilariously poetic - and instructive - about the "lump de lump," the funky, organic Chi-town rhythm at the heart of this mind-grabbing track.

Tremulis throws down the gauntlet when he declares "I always wanted to do a lump de lump because all the English bands always grab the lump de lump in pop, never a Chicago band, so that was one thing I wanted, to write a lump de lump and be from Chicago and say look, when we lay it down slower, it's like a low-rider when we do it, pal."

These guys may be the anti-Beach Boys, but that doesn't alter for a second the fact that "Super Human Love" is one helluva summertime groove. And stand by for a possible Tremulis gig in Houston in September.

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