The Seven Best Godzilla Songs NOT by Blue Oyster Cult

It's that time again. The King of Monsters is back on the big screen, and I plan to see it at the absolute first opportunity because if there's anything I love more than giant monsters destroying things it's GIANT MONSTERS DESTROYING THINGS! Can't help it. It's the four-year-old in me that refuses to believe any film can be better than Godzilla 1985.

Brief aside...if they'd made that film one year earlier they could have had Godzilla attacking the Big Brother government, and you can tell me that would be stupid all you want but I should warn you I go completely deaf with wrong people talk.

So, OK. Godzilla is now in theaters, and I'm on my way to see it. We need some tunes to accompany the drive, and to that end I present you a list of Godzilla songs that are not that one everyone knows by Blue Oyster Cult. Nope, we're going to celebrate properly with deep cuts on this one. Strap in.

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