The Seven Most Entertaining Rappers On Twitter

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Monday, Slim Thug tweeted about his ad in the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist. Thugga is known for being notoriously entertaining on Twitter, as evinced by his Houston Press Music award for Best Twitter Personality. But he's hardly the only funny rapper on Twitter. We found six more.

7. Rhymefest

He's toned down the vulgar jokes now that he's running for political office in Chicago, but @Rhymefest was once a source of laugh-out-loud entertainment. If you find yourself fiendin' for a dose of 'Fest's humor, you can always lean on his two albums, Blue Collar and El Che.

Sample Tweet: "Thing about titties is they just don't do much. They jiggle and sit there, kinda boring. Now "Ass" is a whole nother Beast!"

6. Lil B

The Based God keeps his disciples thoroughly entertained with tweets that read like the words of a man recovering from a brain hemorrhage. His page is usually on retweet autopilot, but when he actually tweets, entertainment is guaranteed.


5. Joe Budden

Take a cursory glance at Joe Budden's Twitter page and you'll stop wondering why he's the Internet's favorite rapper. Budden speaks his mind, dates models, and says the stuff most people think but are too afraid to say.

Sample Tweet: "Spider pig, Spider pig ..... does whatever a spider pig does."

4. Jean Grae

Jean Greasy is hip-hop's undisputed comedy queen on Twitter. Her tweets are just as blunt and clever as her lyrics. You'll always find something on Jean's page that makes you wonder what else is going on in her head.

Sample Tweet: "You ever pee, stop peeing too soon & then leave & you're not near another bathroom & have to pee just a little, but bad?"

3. Slim Thug

If rap ever becomes illegal, Slim Thug can always pitch a late-night comedy show. His timeline is chock-full of hilarious tweets about his disdain for dancing, skinny jeans, and whatever else is on his mind on any given day. If you're lucky, you might even catch a thuggafied version of a famous quote. Thugga is the twitter equivalent of your drunk uncle at the family dinner.

Sample Tweet: "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. Abraham Lincoln said that wayyy back and it still work."

2. Fabolous

Fabolous has never hidden his comedic inclinations on wax. His twitter page reads like an extension of his rhymes, but a thousand times funnier. Fab not only tweets lung-cracking hilarity, he also creates the best hashtags, hands down.

Sample Tweet: "#WasGonnaHitUntil I pulled the sheets back like Eddie in Boomerang & her feet looked like she b #BustinHammerMoves"

1. Phonte

If tweets were dollars, this Little Brother front man would be laughing all the way to the bank on the daily. Lack of monetary compensation notwithstanding, Tay has made a name for himself by churning out tweets that read like outtakes from a stand-up routine. Phonte is a gift from the Twitter gods, wrapped in a box of 14K comedy gold.

Sample Tweet: "My tweets are like a cold glass of water on a hot day....with just a lil' Shug Avery pee to keep it interesting. #bewarned"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.