The Social Reportedly Shut Down By Comptroller

Word was running rampant Thursday evening that owners of the Washington Avenue watering hole The Social had been locked out by the state comptroller's office due to failure to pay back taxes. "Sources tell me the Comptroller was there yesterday to change the locks," liquor distributor @myTXspirits posted on Twitter.

Rocks Off called the bar Thursday evening and there was no answer, and the voicemail at the in-case-of-emergency number was full. Midtown danceteria Rich's Houston found itself in a similar situation a few months back.

Lately the Social had been having a renaissance of sorts, with a new food menu. It was becoming an afternoon happy-hour spot where you could enjoy sliders, gourmet hot dogs and buckets of cheap Lone Star. Weekends crowds were leveling off due to all the competition in the area, but the joint stayed firm.

Most of the commenters on Swamplot's quick blurb about the closure, most are happy to see the place go. We can't say we were ever to thrilled with the parking choices in the area but the Social was a sight better than some of the other spots on the avenue. Last summer they were making frozen Arnold Palmers that hit the spot and there was always a hefty crowd on the patio.

We'll keep our ears to the ground to see how this pans out. Swamplot's people also pointed out that the Social is near where the proposed Wal-Mart is coming in. It's possible that some business owners in the vicinity could be just be moving on before the store plants its anchor in the ground.

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