Hey, The Kids Like It

The Soundtrack of Our Youth: 5 Lackluster Rap Songs From Children's Flicks

What's worse: A movie geared towards kids and teens or the soundtrack to a movie geared towards kids and teens?

It's a tough call because both can be pretty awful and uninspired. Sure, Ferris Bueller's Day Off is great and had an excellent soundtrack but let's not fool ourselves: We all sat through a ton of bad movies filled with bad songs growing up. (Perhaps some of these -- ed.)

At some point in the late '80s and early '90s, someone in a boardroom somewhere decided that the key to selling more soundtracks to America's youth was rap music. More than that, the key to album sales wasn't having rappers on the soundtrack; the key was having people rap about the movie the kids had just watched.

It's not difficult to imagine that there are thousands of kids out there who first discovered rap music via the end credits of whatever Saturday matinee their parents took them to. You might remember "Ninja Rap," but do you remember blasting classics in your cassette player?

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