The Take Action Tour, with Meg & Dia

Hopeless Records and nonprofit organization Sub City have joined forces with music chain F.Y.E. to put on the eighth annual Take Action Tour. To date, this tour has raised over $550,000 for, a nonprofit focused not on one particular charity, but rather on providing tools, resources and motivation to inspire "a generation of doers." This year's lineup continues the tradition of buzzworthy bands with a strong showing of emo/punk-pop powerhouses such as headliners Cute Is What We Aim For, Anarbor, Every Avenue and Breathe Carolina, which distinguishes itself by delivering the aptly labeled "emotronica." Among the real standouts, though, is Utah-based Meg & Dia. These days, the group is actually comprised of five members, not just the two pretty songwriting sisters whose names form the group's handle. Both "Roses" and "Monster" from M&D's debut album, 2006's Something Real, saw heavy play both virally and on radio. But the group's upcoming sophomore LP, Here, Here, and Here, shows a more direct approach to its pop-rock hooks and the band, well, simply maturing.

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Christopher Lopez